Discover Delicious

There’s no better time than now to celebrate what Arcadia and SGV restaurants have to offer!

Join Taste of Arcadia’s special presentation of Dine Arcadia Weeks, a two-week event highlighting the best of Arcadia and beyond, from September 19th to October 2nd. Restaurant and bar participants will showcase special Dine Arcadia Menus, featuring signature dishes and local favorites, plus special events, tastings and more!

We would like to Thank our 2021 Dine Arcadia Sponsors!

Tasting Events

Tequila Tasting will be held at Max’s Mexican Cuisine. Along with dinning, fun, and live music.

Wine Tasting is back at Bella Sera Trattoria. There will be a 4 course meal with the tasting. Wine is from a famous Vineyard up in northern California.

Different flavors of beer in glasses on a bar.

Location one of beer tasting will be held at Mt. Lowe Brewing Company in Arcadia. Mt. Lowe will feature the current beers and their new brews.

Location two of the beer tasting will be held at Wingwalker Brewing in Monrovia. Wingwalker will feature their unique beers with pizza!

Tea and Coffee tasting will be held at Gokí Café in Downtown Arcadia on First Street. Taste some of the best coffee and special teas.

Whiskey Tasting at The Derby. Enjoy a special 4 course dinner and whiskey tasting with Dine Arcadia and World Famous The Derby.